5 Misconceptions About The Wedding Photography Industry

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For most people, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their entire lives. Obviously, you want to be able to record everything that happened that day. After all, it isn’t every day that you get married and you also want to be able to show off the photographs of your special day to family members both now and in the future. However, you need a solid wedding photographer in order to do that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about wedding photography in general and more specifically, about photographers that shoot weddings.

Below are the five most common misconceptions about wedding photography and how you can avoid allowing them to turn your special day into a nightmare.

Photo by Louise Young

Photo by Louise Young

1) All wedding photographers do is take photographs

Granted, the job of a wedding photographer is indeed to take photographs but that is far from the only thing that is involved in this job. Wedding photographers have to have all of the technical knowledge that comes with being able to photograph people well and they have to be skilled enough to be able to do it in all different kinds of settings, not just in a studio where the environment can be controlled. Furthermore, a good wedding photographer will be able to handle all the hustle and bustle that is going on at a wedding effectively and get the best shots as a result of it as opposed to allowing it to detract from their work. In reality, a good wedding photographer must be a mixed bag of many things. They have to be a skilled professional photographer, yet they have to be flexible and personable enough to get the best results from something that is constantly changing.

2) It costs too much money to hire a professional

If you really want to hire someone who is good enough to produce the best results, it is not going to be free of charge. However, it also doesn’t need to cost you everything you have and more will be discussed about that in a later paragraph. If you are seriously concerned about your budget, you can still hire a high quality wedding photographer. You may not be able to get the best person in the business who operates in your area, but that doesn’t mean that you still won’t get great photos. Your best bet is to look around, find your options and then see what other people have to say about the individuals on your list of possibilities. From there, you can start talking to individual wedding photographers and narrow your search down until you have found the one you want to use.

3) Wedding photography is so easy anyone can do it

This is definitely one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Some people are naturally more gifted at photography than others, but this is your wedding day. Are you really prepared to leave something so important in the hands of a novice and then hope for the best? Most people would answer that question with a definite “no.” Think about it this way. If you are not completely comfortable with the possibility that your wedding photos will be out of focus, off topic or even nonexistent, then you might want to rethink the whole idea about letting just anyone take your wedding day photos.

4) All professional photographers can take wedding photos

A lot of people think that those who take professional photos of landscapes or even those who take photos in a studio will be able to take high quality wedding photos. Unfortunately, this is just not true. A person may be a great photographer, but that doesn’t mean they have the skill or the experience to photograph a wedding properly. This is a unique environment that requires a specific set of skills not every professional photographer possesses.


Photo by Sergio Muricy

5) Cost is directly related to quality

This misconception ties back into the one that was previously discussed concerning the need to stay on budget. Many people are under the impression that cost goes hand in hand with quality and to a certain extent, that is true. With that being said, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money in order to get pictures that are truly breathtaking. You do, however, have to make sure that you only hire someone who has the skill to get the job done. They also have to care about their work enough to ensure that they don’t cut corners just because it makes things more convenient.

Now that you know the most common misconceptions, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that are commonly associated with wedding photography. This in turn will help you enjoy your special day to the fullest. It also gives you the chance to have spectacular photos that will last a lifetime.

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